Star Dragon World

An mysterious artificial world created by dragons who had left an ancient "Dragon World" behind for space. They left the original to pursue technological and scientific advancement which had been constantly hindered by Dragon World's constant wars and infighting. The world itself was founded under the blessing of the Sun Deity of protection, Balle Soleil, in hopes of creating a better future. It has returned after it had faded into myth, and is still remains a mystery as monsters from it scarcely make themselves known to the public.

  • Playstyle

Star Dragon World focuses primarily on manipulating the stats and abilities of monsters. A single monster may be initially unimpressive or weak but Star Dragon World can turn them into something beyond compare. Star Dragon World also focuses on control over aggression unlike its classic counterpart.

  • Alternative Flags
    • Star Dragon World "Ascend"
      • Hand: 6
      • Life: 12
      • Gauge: 1
  • Attributes
    • Neodragon x Dragonarms: Neodragons are cybernetically enhanced dragons, dragonarms are their living weapons. This pair of attributes focus on adding new capabilities to your monsters! Dragonarms [Crossnize] into the souls of your Neodragons to not only add some bulk but also give them buffs and new abilities.
      • Jackknife: This version of the deck focuses on balanced aggressive and control gameplay. Jack can not only use crossnize but change his forms as well!
      • Zodiac: This version primarily focuses on locking the opponent down and steadily beating their face in.
    • Cosmo Dragoons: This attribute focuses on manipulating the top of your deck and revealing it to get powerful effects off.
    • Astrodragons: A church of dragons that look towards the stars for guidance using a combination of magic and science. Their power comes from creating a solid formation.
      • Cross and "Galaxy F": A build that focuses on setting up a "Cross" with Galaxy F and building a formation. It is boss monster focused with higher risk but higher reward. It is balanced in offense and defense.
      • Star: A more controlling build that focuses on the "Constellation Knights". Instead of focusing on a single point like Galaxy F, the deck prefers to spread the powers granted between them. Often these powers focus on debuffing the enemy's cards or nullifying their abilities.
    • Drametals: These monsters focus on dominating the opponent's board by taking over their spaces with the "Oppress" ability. Locking out the opponent's abilities.
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